Welcome, 2019! Another 12 months of opportunity lies before us – what does the future have in store? My crystal ball is at the repair shop, I’m afraid but I’m hoping for more great books, both to read and review and to work on in a professional capacity. If your new year’s resolution is to finally get published, then I’m a vital step along the road to success!

Last year I read and reviewed more than 60 books and I ended the year with a cozy novel which had much to recommend it. Sadly, though, it was badly let down by the proofreading and editing. I contacted the author to check whether it was an uncorrected proof, but no – this was the finished article, out in the wild with all its faults.

She apologised profusely but it wasn’t her fault – the publisher had cut corners and in the process ruined the reading experience for me – and I’m sure for many others too.

Don’t let that happen to your work. Contact me now and I’ll do my best to help you. Meantime, I’d like to share my top five books for 2018, as recently revealed on CrimeFictionLover. Enjoy!