More than words

Where do you like to read? Or are you one of those people who can dip into a book anywhere? The thought was inspired by the photo that accompanies this piece. It’s taken by my good pal Jill Reidy of and is of a woman peacefully reading her well-thumbed paperback while all around her […]

Instilling the need to read

Where do you get your love of reading from? At the end of last year, a good friend died. Dorothy and I had connected through books and over the years we’d shared, swapped and dissected a whole raft of genres. Her husband Terry was an occasional reader and all of us had our little ways […]

Coco Channel and the art of getting things right

I began my newspaper career in the 1970s, as a copy runner at the Liverpool Echo. It was the days of hot metal, typewriters, Chinagraph pencils and shouts of “Copy up!” We sent typewritten sheets through suction tubes, from the subs room to the comps, and although I was just a tiny cog, I felt […]