From the archives: All my own work

Just recently, I’ve been giving some thought to my previous writing and I thought it would be good to share some of it with you all. So, here’s the first in an occasional series looking back at articles I’ve written. Enjoy! Criminal Records: On a Crime Fiction Soundtrack

Think before you ink!

So, you’ve got a great story idea and you’re champing at the bit, all ready to start? Stop! Before you type that first word you have an important decision to make… Are you writing in US English or British English? You may think this is not the most important decision on the list but believe […]

An early lesson in writing

On my first day as a junior reporter at the now defunct Prescot and Huyton Reporter, I was taught a valuable lesson. My editor, who I’ll call ‘Brian’, was of the old school and as I arrived nervously in his office that first morning, he informed he that I had a ‘night job’ that very […]